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Artiste    peintre,  sculpteure,  Josée Tellier

réalise des tableaux en 3 dimensions,

intégrant du verre à vitrail dans ses formes

et ses couleurs, créant de véritables

bas-reliefs qui captent la lumière pour

un résultat qui nous ouvre  les portes

d’un univers poétique,  merveilleux. Très inspirée

par l’architecture, le patrimoine Québécois,

l’artiste rend hommage aux bâtisseurs, à ces bijoux

de notre héritage culturel grâce à ses oeuvres tout

simplement vivantes.



Born in Canada, Josee has been violinist for 30 years before health issues brought her to a new visual art career. Part self-taught, she attended some  Canadian masters’s workshops  .

Gold medallist of Paris Arts, Sciences and Letters Academy, Officer of Mondial Art Academia, Elected Member of Society of Canadian Artists, she has received numerous national and international awards from both the jury and the public and is represented by several major galleries in Quebec. She has numerous solo and group  exhibitions to her credit. Her paintings can be found in public, corporate and private collections in North America, Europe, Asia .

The uniqueness of her work resides in a technique of  bas-relief with combination of stained glass. Working on wood, the use of stained glass and various materials allows her to model and sculpt the architectural heritage that she wants to make joyful using bright colors: a classic approach but rejuvenated by modern materials and a colorful vision of naive tendency.